Night Rider

Are you blinded by oncoming headlights when night driving?

We have the solution!


The way of inventing, the way of changing the safety


The idea

Driving a lot by night, the question was coming up by every oncoming headlight. Isn’t there really a solution for that? There must be. If there isn’t, it must be worked out.

The Night Rider came on a simple idea: Something to darken only the opposite side of the road, as I would wear sunglasses for only a part of my vision-field. This would be enough to avoid dazzling and by that I could see the road in front of me.

Here it is, the Night Rider.


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How it works

Night Rider Glasses work on a simple way. They have very dark shaders which shades out the blinding part of the driver’s vision. The road in front of you, your lane is not to be darkened, right? So we invented the glasses which darken out only the annoying part of your driving vision, the oncoming part.

The Night Rider has very dark shaders which block out every headlight of the oncoming vehicles but just as much as it is a must to have them still visible (to avoid any dangerous situation. The photo here shows you the shaders’ darkening.


Each user has to setup the Night Rider by them selves personally to their eyes. So that each Night Rider Glasses are delivered with a detailed User Manual. You can have a look at it here.





Specially darkening shaders protect your eyes from the blinding headlights in front of you.

Wearing the Night Rider

It is very hard to show you a photo how the Night Rider works but this is something like you see looking through the Night Rider when wearing it. The opposite lane is darkened and your traffic lane is perfectly visible.

The shaders do not cover the road in front of you, your traffic lane will be kept visible totally. The main problem with the blinding effect of the oncoming headlights is that your eyes will be effected and you can’t see your traffic side also. With the Night Rider you can shade out only the other side of the traffic so that the oncoming traffic will not blind you anymore.


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In normal position the Night Rider is ABOVE your vision, without tilting your head.


Making a minor tilt with your head it will shade out the annoying part of your vision.



The only one solution on this Planet for annoying headlights is the Night Rider Glasses

There are the so-called yellow-lense glasses on the market but they are not effective against oncoming headlights (and also not made for) or blocking out oncoming headlights. To make it you need to have shaders which follow the shape of the routes you have in front of you and Night Rider does the same. The shaders it has follow the lines of your lane and darakens only the oncoming part of the road and only in case you want it to do so. (by an easy head tilt)


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It's high time for you to meet the Night Rider

The product

Night Rider is a very lightweight plastic safety device which is something like sunglasses. The difference is that the shaders (lenses) are very dark and they are positioned to darken out only a small part of your vision and only in case you tilt your head a little bit. The lenses and the nose pads are fully adjustable for every head. We also deliver all Night Rider glasses with 2 sizes of nose pads and left and right handed shaders. (for example you can use it in UK and in Germany also)

The size and shape of the lenses make the same lines as you can see the road divining line going in front of you. This shape is vitally important to keep your traffic lane visible while darkening the oncoming part. They just darken the dazzling beam of the oncoming headlights, but not blocking them. It is important that you keep the vision on the oncoming vehicle also, but by reducing the light beam brightness, your eyes will not loose the control of the road of the road in front of you.

The Night Rider was designed and made since the beginning to be lightweight. Why? Because we tested it in early stages and realized that at nighttime driving the least you might want is a noticable device on your head.


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If you are interested about the idea of the Night Rider, don’t miss out our ABOUT page.


First solution

Night Rider is the first and really affordable solution to prevent from headlight blinding from the “driver’s” side.


It is as simple as perfect. There is no easier and safer way to terminate the oncoming headlights than Night Rider.


We ship every Night Rider with the proper shaders installed for the shipping country. Wherever you drive your vehicle on this Planet we are giving you the solution.  

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Saves lives

Our major goal was to save lives. Less blind drivers = less accidents at night = many lives saved.


Designed to fit all headsizes. Two different sized, adjustable nose pads and the adjustable shaders grant this feautre.


For long term use, as a nighttime trip, it is very important to be comfortable, whatever is on the driver’s head.

Passenger use

We got many feedbacks from the passenger side utility. Is your partner also disturbed by the lights?


Night Rider is developed to be perfect but cheap solution. This feature will help everyone to have an own.

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Sunset-1Night Rider is a European product

Left & Right sided traffic use

Wherever you live, we will deliver your Night Rider with proper shaders installed considering your country.

We have designed the Night Rider for everyone on the Planet. Right handed traffic needs exactly the opposite shaders than the left handed does. If you drive on the right side of the road, the oncoming traffic passes you on your left, while if you drive on the left side of the road the oncoming, blinding headlights hit your eyes from the right part of your vision. But you do not have to be confused about it. Wherever you drive your Night Rider will help you to block out oncoming headlights.

By the way we deliver every Night Rider with 2 different sized nose pads so that you can be sure that it will not be too tight nor too lazy on your nose. Each pocket of Night Rider will come with all the parts you might ever need.




Many people out there need the Night Rider

We need you also to make the Night Rider the best it can be and available for everyone

Distributors & Partners

We offer you a really very unique product. Retailer price is lower than a sunglasses have. Night Rider is an accessory, which every car driver will have in 5 years. Be our partner in the beginnings, keep in touch for firther developments, make the Night Rider successfull together.

Team members

Renewing the nighttime driving with a worldwide new product is not easy. We know that. So that we are open to get you in our team to develop the Night Rider together. Whatever your profession is, we can appreciate your efforts on our project.


You are the one we are working for. Save your life, make the nighttime driving more comfortable for you with the Night Rider, which you pay for. All depends on you. Please get in touch, tell your opinion and your demands on our product. The more customer we can make satisfied the better decision we made to launch this project. Thank you!


Night Rider is an amazing product. We know it and in case you work for a publishing company we are pleased to ship you one to make you surprised with our product. We know that it works. We know that it worths. You are more than welcome in case you would spread your words around about our product upon an independent testing.

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