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What is the Night Rider™?

The Night Rider™ is a uniquely designed pair of glasses that has very dark shaders instead of normal lenses. These shaders are built to darken only the area of your vision where on-coming lights come into view. And they only affect your sight when you tilt your head slightly. This way, you’re in complete control of where and when you need the added protection from bright lights.

How does it work?

It only darkens the areas of your vision where and when you need it to. This means that, when those headlights come into sight and almost blind you, you have the ability to quickly and easily turn them off. The shaders are meant to only shade that part of your vision that you needed shaded during night-time driving – the oncoming lane.

If you’d like to know more about the Night Rider™ visit our About page.

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All it takes is a small head tilt to protect your eyes from high-powered oncoming traffic lights. When the Night Rider™is positioned and aligned perfectly, it won’t affect your field of view at all. The shaders are designed to only darken a small part of the oncoming lane and they only work when you really want it – by tilting your head just a bit. When facing continuous oncoming traffic, you can keep this small tilt for as long as you need. It might sound strange but believe us, after you try it, you’ll quickly see how easy and simple it is. Before long, you’ll be doing it reflexively – without even giving it a second thought.

Need help in choosing your driving side?

Depending on where you live, you may drive on the right or the left side of the road. As a result, oncoming traffic can approach from different angles, leaving you blinded from either side.

Fortunately, we’ve designed the Night Rider™ for everyone, no matter where they live. When driving in the right lane, you’ll need your shaders on the opposite side compared to when driving in the left lane.

But you don’t have to be confused. Wherever you drive, your Night Rider will help you block out oncoming headlights. Or you can send us any question you have.


We are lucky enough to have Night Rider™ lovers around the world

“As I was very disappointed with the yellow driving glasses, they did not give me a proper solution to the headlight blindness. But the Night Rider did! After getting used to how to use it, made my nighttime trips much better.”

Mark H.


“This is exactly what I needed for my work, driving at night a lot on highways. My eyes just simply more relaxed by darkening the oncoming headlights. Thank you!”

Jason X. L.

United States

“Night-time accidents are everyday-problems in India, by the bad driving habits and the bad roads. I am very happy that I have my Night Rider with me during the nights.”

Priyanka K.


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