The first oncoming headlight blocker

Nighttime driving will never be the same. You can forget about the annoying oncoming headlights from now on.

Night Rider™ is designed on a special purpose – its shaders decrease the brightness of the headlight beams coming from the oncoming traffic only on a part of your vision. By this your eyes will not be set to high glaze and you can keep your visual control on the road in front of you.

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No more night drive blindness

The size and shape of the shaders make the same lines as you can see the road divining line going in front of you. This shape is vitally important to keep your traffic lane visible while darkening the oncoming part.

They just darken the dazzling beam of the oncoming headlights, but not blocking them. It is important that you keep the vision on the oncoming vehicle also, but by reducing the light beam brightness, your eyes will not loose the control of the road in front of you.


Drive relaxed at night

The Night Rider™ was designed and made since the beginning to be lightweight.

Why? Because we tested many versions in and out and already realized the early stages that the least you might want at nighttime driving is a noticable device on your head.

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For Right-hand and Left-hand traffic also

If you drive on the right side of the road, the oncoming traffic passes you on your left, while if you drive on the left side of the road the oncoming, blinding headlights hit your eyes from the right part of your vision.

We have designed the Night Rider™ for everyone on the Planet. Right-handed traffic needs exactly the opposite shaders than the left-handed does.

But you do not have to be confused about it. Wherever you drive your Night Rider will help you to block out oncoming headlights.

RHT & LHT traffic explained

Your nighttime driving will never be the same

Motorways and country roads are the mostly problematic road types when it is about headlight blinding. Without the streetlights your eyes have to get used to the dark circumstances. The darker area you drive in, the bigger the blinding effect is.

night driving glasses, night rider is a nighttime drive glass, saety driving device

Without the Night Rider™

The oncoming headlights causes temporary drop in visual control
withNRup3 1

Normal position

If properly set up, it will not shade out anything of your vision. You need to tilt your head slightly.
withNRdown3 1

Tilt your head a bit

By a minimal tilt with your head the shaders will be positioned between your eyes and the headlights, darkening the strong light source.

Watch the road in front of you

The shaders do not cover the road in front of you, your traffic lane will be kept visible totally. The main problem with the blinding effect of the oncoming headlights is that your eyes will be effected and you can’t see your traffic side also.

With the Night Rider™ you can shade out only the other side of the traffic so that the oncoming traffic will not blind you anymore.


How does it work?

We invented the glasses which darken out only the annoying part of your driving vision, the oncoming part. It is a unique product on the market of the night driving glasses.

The Night Rider has very dark shaders which block out every headlight of the oncoming vehicles but just as much as it is a must to have them still visible (to avoid any dangerous situation. The photo here shows you the shaders’ darkening.

night driving glasses, night rider is a nighttime drive glass, saety driving device

For everyday use

Do you drive a lot by night? Night Rider™ is an everyday working horse. It is very durable, almost impossible to brake by normal circumstances. You are also given a soft case for your product. It keeps the shaders not to be scratched in your glove box

Once you are used to the Night Rider™ you will want to use it night by night. We get many positive feedbacks about the relaxed nighttime driving. At the end of the day when you are tired it is more important to avoid the annoying headlights. You can keep them darkened from now on.

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Night Rider™

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Before adding to cart, you have to choose your traffic side you drive in your country, RHT or LHT. To read more about it, go the RHT & LHT page. We check every order if the version matches the shipping address country and get in touch with you before shipping if not.

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Night Rider™ is product made in the European Union.

We ship Worldwide.

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Main characteristics


It is designed to be as small and lightweight as possible so you will not be disturbed during your longer trips.

The First solution

The Night Rider™ is the first solution on the Planet to block out oncoming headlights without effecting other parts of your vision.

A ``must`` road safety tool

In a period of time every nighttime driver will use safety devices to make the nighttime traffic safer.


Made of ABS plastic, which is a very durable, hard to brake and hardly deforms. If you step on it, just check it again to be set up to your eyes properly and you can use it again.


During the whole designing and the production we highly focus on the price. Night Rider™ has to reach everybody and be available for everyone on this Planet.

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