Buying a used car

A used car headlight from the front showing an examination perspective when buying a used carBuying a used car

The smell of the interior leather, the touch of the untouched steering wheel. These are something you will never feel in a used car. Somebody else enjoyed these very first moments of that vehicle. But it doesn’t mean it would not worth buying a used car.

We all know that buying a used car has positives and negatives as well. But how can we decide if a used car is okay to buy or we should leave it for the present owner?

We will not go into technical details to screw this or that out and check this or that. A tricky seller can also make some upgrade only on the certain parts of the car so that you will see it okay when you make a deeper look. But there are some things which are more important than this.

The (hi)story of the car

We love the cross-examinations. Ask some about the history of the car. Having a look on the documents you will have a clue about how long the owner has been owning the car. Ask him how many miles does he drive per year and then make a quick calculation (for example). To be more professional in cross-examinations have a look on this very valuable article here.

Do not believe every word but try to make a complete story of the car by the things the owner and the documents tell you. Set up the whole frame and if everything fits in, that is a good way to go.

A man sitting in an old timer car and thinking of buying a used carStudy the owner

Try to understand the owner as a person. Do not be too intrusive but get some information about him/her by some chatting. What is his hobby? Where does he work? What was he most loved in this car? Why is he selling? You couldn’t believe how many things you can learn about somebody in 5 minutes just by listening and making the right questions before buying a used car.

In case you are on to buy an exceptional car (like an old timer or a luxury car), investigate the owner’s behaviour when you ask something like this: “Is it a scratch?” . If the owner seems frightened, that is a very good sign. People tend to say how much they like the car, how good car it is, etc. but they did not care it in its lifetime. If an owner is worried about the exterior of a car, you can be sure that the engine and the mechanic parts are also well maintained.

My favourite story is about buying a car for my father in law. When all papers were signed, we took the guy to his home. He packed out his stuffs from the car, so sadly. We said goodbye and as he was going away, with a bad head, shaking it. All his body was damn sad and saying: “Ohh, I did not want to sell it”. It is a nice story but by this time we made the deal already anyway.