Dangers of driving at night

Dangers of driving at night

Did you know that night driving multiplies the chance of having an accident even if there are much less vehicles on the roads? Do you know why? In this article we will go through the reasons why we have so many dangers of driving at night. Be careful and be aware.

night driving danger as the car goes fast nighttimeWhat makes night driving so dangerous?

Driving any vehicle at any speed will be dangerous, all the time. But after the sunset when it gets dark, it is always more risky. As it is the end of the day, also we drive in circumstances in which our ancestors had already been sleeping, it is clear that we are not on top of the things. There are several factors which make it more dangerous and we will have a look on the most important ones in this article. Some driving glasses may help but be aware of the fake ones. You can read more about in this article.


Night time is the part of the day when people used to sleep so their body is used to relax in the dark. For this reason the people are more likely to be tired than during daytime. But it is not only because of the biorythmn of the body but also because by the end of the day we have a lot of work and physical activity behind. Even if you cause some danger on the road maybe the driver of the other vehicle will not be able to respond properly as he will have his reacting slowed down by this time.


Human eye is an almost excellent tool. But not good enough in low -light conditions. Literally we cannot see in darkness. Even if our eyes can adjust to dark circumstances, it cannot adjust properly as the field of view where we are looking to (in front of our car) is lit up by the headlights. So whatever danger lies beyond this point will be hard to see in time. The bad visual conditions are one of the key factors of the higher accident rate at night driving.

Reaction distance

It is the way the vehicle passes without any human interaction from the moment the danger occurred until the driver will interact in any way. Reaction time is not an exact period. Even the same person will have different reaction time in the morning than at night. It will not be the same before training or after, before work or after, before lunch or after, with kids in the car chatting with them than without, etc. There are so many things to affect the reaction time of a human to any kind of danger that it is really a main factor of dangers at night driving. Our reaction distance will be higher at night as usually that is already the end of the day. Also due to bad visual circumstances the drivers are not so quick to realise any danger in front of them.

On-coming headlights’ blinding effectmany dangers at night driving not just in the cities but outside as well

There is something that is not present during the daytime and this is the on-coming headlight blindness. As the ambient light levels are lowering and our eyes get used to the darkness we will get blinded by the strong on-coming headlights. So we invented the Night Rider™ which is the first solution on the Earth yet to the headlight blindness. In case you wear a Night Rider™ you are not going to be blinded during nighttime driving and the danger is a bit less to have accident. If there is something you can do for your comfort and safety when driving at night that is our product. Have a look on our product’s page here to read more about it.

Weather related conditions

It doesn’t mean that the rain comes on the evenings. It is about humidity and temperature. Did you know that as soon as the temperature drops the humidity condensed in the air will vaporise on the surfaces like the asphalt. It makes the tyres to loose their grip on the road more easily. This is something that makes more dangers of driving at night. But also in case there is a raining, the nighttime raining will decrease the visibility much more than during daytime. All raindrops on the windshield will reflect the lights many ways making it harder to look out through the window.

Of course we cannot do it not to drive during nighttime. But there is something we can – making it with more caution and care. If you would like to read more about the nighttime deaths on roads there is a good article by the NCBI related to this topic which you can read here. It has some ages but the stats are likely to be the same unfortunately.