Driving home when you are tired?

Driving home when you are tired?

It is not just simply challenging but also dangerous to drive home when you are tired. We would never say to go on with driving home but in a case when you really have to get to the wheel, we recommend you to do your best to keep your and others’ life safe. Our recommendations are for really short takeovers and for those who really think it is not safe to make a brake during their trip but to get to the nearest relaxing point. Driving home when you are tired is very dangerous. Read our article to know what you can do against it.

A girl driving home on the photo, probably tired as she is wearing a Night Rider at the wheelPrepare for the route

You might say that you have driven the same route many times but this might be a bit different than others. Probably it is late night and your senses might not work properly (in this case we highly recommend you to stay wherever you are instead of getting into traffic) so you should really make a quick look into what lies in front of you during this trip. Have a look on your map or on your phone’s gps (Google Maps maybe) and find out what will be your route to get there, so that even if you are tired you will be more prepared for the cases might happen to you.

Turn the music on

Sounds idoot but it can be a real life saver. You shall choose your favourite songs and listen them all way long. It is very important not to choose a low BPM (beats per minute) song so they should really keep you awaken. Depending on you but the best songs usually are the ones with well-known phrases which you will be able to sing along your way. Do you know which are the best musics for nighttime driving? Have a look on a good list of them here – on Spotify.

Forget about your phone

It might happen to you as well when you are tired that you will just make a quick look onto your phone but your attention will be kept there for more seconds than you think. The best way to avoid this is to mute your phone or even turning it off.

Have some goals

Being able to get to the closest relaxing point it is very important that you focus on getting there. Do it as good as you can. “Only 10 miles ahead”… “Only 3 miles ahead” – can help you a lot. Do it as you see can help you get there without having problems. But you shall never forget that it is still better to “get there later than not getting there at all”.

Use driving assistance

Speed assistance (tempomat) is really a huge help in these cases – you will be able to keep your control on the road in front of you easier when you do not have to take care of the speed to keep. Also lane-keeping assistance can be with you when you are tired. So whatever your car is equipped with, be sure that you are with your assistance so that you  can keep yourself relaxed.

A photo of a car from outside as it goes fast in a tunnel, the driver must be tired as it is already dark outside.Caffeine

Be sure you do everything to make your night time tired driving safer. We all know that caffeine keeps you awaken so drink a coffee or an energy drink (maybe two). Know your limits of course! But these can help you a lot when driving by night a lot.

You always have to know that whatever can happen on the roads in front of you – so do everything against it you can. Our tips are just a minor pickups to help you. In case you are tired, we recommend NOT to drive. That is the best you can do. In case you feel you really have to because for example you do not feel like in safe, better you read this article and mind our tips.

There are lots of danger waiting for you during night. Read our article about them here. Have a safe trip, have a Night Rider!