Driving in India at night

Driving in India at Night

There is this amazing country. Something like the origin of spirits, history and life. But it is also well known for its road accidents. What makes a country to have such bad statistic for its traffic? All countries have their worst and deadliest hours of traffic during the nighttime. There are obvious reasons for that of course. But what especially makes driving in India at night so frightful? Why is it even worse than somewhere else?

shows a car from inside as driving in India at nightCulture of driving in India at Night

Or we could say the lack of it maybe. To be able to drive safer at night it is very important that everyone follows the same rules. This is the reason why we have officially accepted rules around the Planet. Wherever you go and hire a car, you will have to be able to drive safely. The common rules make it possible.

India also has strict rules but the drivers on the road are neglect to keep them. They are not caring about their safety and the rules so much.

Also there are many drivers on the roads who do not have license. 26% of the fatal road accidents are caused by drivers without legal license for the vehicle. It is something what makes it very hard to keep the road safe. Just imagine how could you trust in the other driver if they do not even know the rules?

Condition of the vehicles

As so many people are very neglect and not caring, the vehicles are in very poor condition. This is especially frightful when you are driving in India at night. A missing light bulb on the front or at the back of a truck can cause deadly accident. And this is an everyday problem in India.  The poor condition forces you to focus more on the road in front of you.

No street lights

The lack of the street lights is very well known for the discomfort when driving in India at night. Without having enough light on the traffic and the roadside in the front it is dangerous to drive out of the town areas. These are the roads which have the worst conditions as well. This is something why the proper street lights would be a must in some areas.

Our product, the Night Rider, which makes the driving in India at night easier and safer.Night Driving Glasses for driving in India at night?

As you can see there are some very obvious reasons why the night driving glasses are selling well in India. A good quality, proper night driving glass can save lives and make the night driving more relaxed and comfortable.

On roads where there are no street lights it is very important to have clear vision on the front of the driver. As an on-coming vehicle will blind out the driver for seconds, it can mean death or life.

Our product, the Night Rider™ is the first and only one solution yet to the headlight blindness. By wearing it only the headlight beams are shaded out and you can keep your visual control on the road in front of you. We have many feedbacks from our customers that it really makes the driving in India at night much better.