Driving with Coronavirus Covid-19?

A man on a scooter driving with a health mask, probably driving with coronavirus covid 19Driving with Coronavirus Covid-19?

As the year 2020 began a big virus known as Covid-19 started to soar in China. Lots of people are afraid of getting infected. This question has never been asked before this year- So we have a really quick look on this question. We honestly think that it is a stupid question but we do our best to answer it for you if it is safe driving with Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Everything we write in this article shall be taken with a grain of salt. But we would be very surprised if anyone would think different.

Before the Symptoms?

This is one of the key questions. If you have no symptoms, you probably do not know yet if you are infected at all or not. In this case you can do nothing against. Without symptoms it means that your driving skills are unaffected. Your reaction time and decision-making will be the same.

After the symptoms are shown

Key symptoms of the Covid-19 are:

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath

Do you feel these got onto you? Of course you have nothing to do in your car. By the worldwide protocol (given by the WHO here) you should not go to a doctor. If you feel any of the symptoms you have to stay at home and call the local Coronavirus operation department or the 911 (112 in Europe) and they will come for you. So you should not go anywhere if you feel you might be affected. It is highly not recommended to go to a hospital by yourself.

A teddy bear with mask and a hand fertiliser. Surely not driving any vehicle with coronavirusSo, is OK driving with Coronavirus Covid 19?

We think NO. Well, we ask you not to go anywhere if you are afraid that you can have the Covid 19 inside your body. But to answer the question: Depending on how strong your symptoms are they can distract form driving. Mostly because you might be afraid that you got the Coronavirus infection. By this your mind might not be on the road with you but being worried about yourself and the others you met days ago. So driving with Coronavirus Covid 19 is highly NOT recommended under any circumstances.