Does headlight polish really work?

Headlight of a car which must have been polished because it is very shiny.Does headlight polish really work?

Are you thinking of having some decent headlight polish to be done on your vehicle? After ages it might seem to be obvious. Small investment and your headlights will be like new again. But does the headlight polish really work? We can say that in many cases it does but better you read this article carefully because it is not so clear in many cases.

Headlight polish – When is it needed?

The headlights of the cars these day and for years have been made of plastic with a “covering layer” which are not resistant to UV rays and these will make some changes in its structure. After some years there might be visible signs of wear on the headlights’ transparent “glass”. The time has to pass by to see the change can vary but there are some factors those affect it. The more the car is on the harsh sun the sooner it will come. The more damage like heavy winds with sand will get onto it, also the sooner it will get worn.

What kind of headlight polishes are?

You can find solution for the DIY headlight polishing with many kind of products. Their price may vary from the 10 USD to 50 USD but they all work on the same principle. There is a material which you have to apply to the surface. It contains small particles which will rub the “imperfect” parts of the headlight. After scrubbing it off you will have a smoother surface without harsh scratches. Well, they are really tiny scratches but they are.

As a second step you have to apply a polishing material. Doing circle movements you shall apply this polishing material onto the surface. Doing it well, as soon as you feel that the surface is polished enough, you have to use a dry cloth to remove this layer of material.

Aston Martin front with a nice oval shaped headlight which must had been polished beforeDo It Yourself

Doing headlight polish at home is something that is easily achievable by yourself as well. If you are capable of screwing something properly you will be able to do it by yourself as well. Just read the instructions carefully and be sure that you follow each steps by yourself. Our favourite is the Turtle Wax Headlight Polish you can buy on petrol stations easily. (we get no sponsoring from them) Everything is included in the kit and you can easily polish 3 pairs of headlights with it.

Keep clean but avoid blinding

It is important to have visual control on the road in front of you. So better you keep your headlights in good shape, lighting the road in front of you. But it is also not blind anyone with it. Be sure that you set up the levelling of your headlight as soon as you get the headlights polished. Headlight blindness is a dangerous but everyday situation on the roads.

For this reason we invented the Night Rider™, the first on-coming headlight blocker glasses. To read more about our product have a look on our “About” page.