Headlight restoration

a headlight of a new mercedes. It is brilliant and really brand new, surely does not need restorationHeadlight restoration

After years due to the UV radiation and some mechanical damage the headlights of the car will get foggy. It affects the headlight beams which means that you will not see the road so well in front. For every car there is a time when you feel that a headlight restoration is needed. But will it really be okay? Well, I also did not believe. And then after searching for new or used parts I realised that the pricey change might have a better option. So that I called a professional to do it. The result was amazing. Even if it was not 100% perfect, was still better than any used part on the net. So have a look if it really worth restoring your headlight or better to buy a new one?

New parts

This is obviously the most expensive way to get our headlights being like a new one. If your budget is high or in case your car is quite new but already shows symptoms of ageing, do it. In case you have valid warranty better you go back to the dealer and do it under warranty as it will surely cost you thousands of bucks.

Used parts

Cheaper but risky. Imagine that your headlight have been worn so much that you wanna change – so probably the other one is also not so far from the same condition even if you see it better for the first sight. But if you really think that you are lucky enough and found a good deal then just take a Mickey out of it.

Headlight restoration kits

The most pocket friendly and easiest but DIY solution are the headlight restoration kits. You can easily buy them on any petrol station or online. I used the Turtle Wax one and it worked really well for me. Tow headlights take no more time than 30 minutes to finish. In case you would like to achieve an outstanding result then you can repeat some steps achieving shinier look. Everything is included except the clothes you need to wipe the material off.

Photo of an old retro car probably after restoration which has its headlight turned on.Shiny headlights cause blindness

It is funny because we invented the Night Rider™ just exactly against the too bright headlight beams at night. They make you blind and you will surely loose your visual control for seconds. Our product is the only solution yet on Earth to the blinding headlights. To read more check out our product here.