How do headlight wipers work?

How do headlight wipers work?

It is slowly going out of fashion so there is not so much chance to see one. The reason for this article is to introduce this amazing tool. Many of you do not know what it is and at all, how do the headlight wipers work?

An old Mercedes having an old tool on its headlights. But do we know how headlight wipers work?Windscreen wipers in small

The working principle of the headlight wipers is the same as the windshield wipers’. They work on the same way as the windscreen wipers clean the screen in front of you.

The is a really mini wiper placed on the headlights and they will make wiping motion. When? When you wipe your windscreen with headlights turned on.

The wiping movement is very fix and reliable. It will push away any dust or material that would block the headlight beams to get free and lighting up the road in front.

Are headlight wipers effective?

Well, may sound idiot but they are. There can be cases when there are so many dust or snow on the headlights that there is no proper visual control on the road by the driver. In this case the headlight wipers come really handy as they clean the headlights of any dust and the light headlight beams can light the road in front of the vehicle much better. The visual control at night circumstances is one of the most important things to avoid collision so better to have the best view you can.

Where have they disappeared?

The reason why you cannot see so many headlight wipers working on newer models these days is very simple. As a mechanical tool, placed on the bumper of the vehicle it is getting damaged very easily. By this reason they have to be replaced or repaired quite often and their need is just in some days a year.

Also they invented a better but still working solution. On newer cars the headlights wipers do not work as wipers but they use window washer fluid under high pressure to clean the headlights from any dust or snow. They work very well and the sensitive part is hidden behind the bumpers.

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