How to avoid night driving blindness?

How to avoid night driving blindness at nighttime driving?

This article is written to help you out with some information of a very important and dangerous circumstance – the night driving blindness factor.

Night driving blindness - how to avoid it?The problem

You must have already experienced when night driving that out of the town, on country roads or highways where there are no road lights the oncoming vehicles’ headlights make your eyes to get blinded.

It is because your eyes cannot get used to the high beams so quick and when it gets used to the high amount of light it looses the sensitivity of the darker areas of the vision. By this when an oncoming vehicle has a high beam on your eyes will be blinded and you will not see the darker part of the road in front of you. This can last seconds and as you are driving a car at 100 km/h speed you are taking almost a hundred meters without any visual control on the road.

The night driving blindness is not a rare effect of the oncoming headlights. Each and every nighttime driver knows it very well, not to talk about the truck drivers who have to face this problem really quite often.


Every statistic shows that the nighttime driving causes much more deaths on the roads. It is clear that people are more tired and many times they consumed more alcohol than at the daytime. But still, we have something which we could avoid. It is the night driving blindness. There must be a solution and here it is, now available for everyone.

The first solution

The Night Rider is known to be the first and only one solution against the night driving blindness. There are the “yellow tinted lens” glasses but they are not good against the oncoming headlights. The Night Rider Glasses are the really only one working product against the oncoming headlight blindness.

Do not think that the Night Rider™ is same as the yellow tinted night drive glasses. We have compared them in our article here.

How does it work?How to avoid the night driving blindness and the oncoming headlight beams?

it works on a really easy and “perfect” way. We have a lot of feedbacks from our customers saying that it couldn’t be easier to solve the oncoming headlight blindness problem.

The Night Rider has got two shaders which are transparent but very darkened. They are not effecting your vision until there is an oncoming vehicle and you tilt your head a bit. When you tilt your head, the shaders, which were positioned above your vision until this time, come down and shade out only the oncoming part of the road.

How can you buy it?

We ship worldwide and you can buy our product on our website over here.