How to drive economically?

A fuel can with flowers showing the fuel is not neededHow to drive economically?

We not just enjoy driving our car (or bike or whatever) but also feel the cost when we have to stop at the petrol station and pay for every litre of gasoline or petrol. If you are not the 0,01% of humanity who have never had to look the cost of fuelling, you surely have already thought about the idea of lowering the consumption. You can find a lot of articles and thousands of tips about how to lower the consumption of your vehicle but in this article we will have a bit different view on the topic and go through how to drive economically.

Other way of thinking

We will try to focus on a bit different way of thinking than other articles write about the same topic. You can dig the net to find practical tips about how to drive economically but this article is a bit different. We do not say you anything about the good RPM or gear to use. Neither we say about skipping gears, braking properly, etc.

Fuel efficient driving

We are not just in the gate of the climate change but have stepped in probably. By this we all have some concerns about using fossil fuels. They say that the most of the fuel consumption does not come from the everyday driving. Industries and air traffic is mostly the reason. But it is clear that we all want to do a bit for the environment so we also want to do our best to lower the consumption of our vehicle.

Freeing up fossil energy

You can read a lot about shifting techniques and stopping the engine at a red sign. The idea we would like to transfer to you is to think about the energy being present in the fuel. When you push the pedal harder, more fuel will be burnt to speed up the vehicle. Pushing the limits of a vehicle by accelerating harder means that its parts get bigger shock. This will gain you higher service costs in a long run.

Service cost is also money

If you wanna drive more economically you have to consider the service costs as well. Not just because you may spend 10 times more on service costs than the money you saved by driving economically but also because using more brake pads or ordering a spare part to your car also has an environmental footprint by its own. Every brake pad is made in factories spreading CO2 to the air and delivered to your service point also releasing a lot of CO2 by the shipping. So that you have to remember that the economical driving has to be save costs on the service as well. For example: If you come down from a hill in neutral gear than even your car emits just a few CO2 your brake pads are used too much and will have a negative cost and eco footprint effect.

Better to use a gear low enough to brake the vehicle without braking but also letting it run enough so that you do not have to accelerate.

Other benefitsfuel station showing drive economically is important

It is very important to highlight that driving economically is not just saving you money at the petrol station. If you keep the advices below that will lead you to save on service costs as well. Burning fuel is not just good for your pocket but it means that less energy is freed up from the fossil fuel so less energy is pushing, punching all parts of the engine and the whole car. As it is obvious, everything that accelerated that will have to stop as well. It means that the more power was used to speed up, the more power has been transformed to kinetic energy onto all parts of the car. It is true even to your body.

The more kinetic energy is given to the whole vehicle the more brake power will be used to stop it. It will affect the tyres and the whole brake system as well. As you can see in this article the less energy is used in all the driving the less energy is needed to stop it, so your service costs will benefit from the know-how of “how to drive economically”.

Weight is money

We do not tell you to fuel up only half-tank to have your car weigh less. But if there is a 30kg suitcase in the trunk better you take it off. If you have a bulk of milks you bought last week just you did not have a free hand to take it into the house those milks will consume energy to be accelerated to the same speed as the car and when you brake their weight has to be stopped as well. You might think it is nothing but I have a good example for you. Imagine a 2 litre coke bottle you throw out at 100 km/h. It could even kill a people. This is called kinetic energy. This amount of energy is given to the bottle of coke by the fuel which accelerated it as well. Quite much, right?

Drive providently

If you are surprised about whatever on the road has happened in front of you that will always cause excessive braking or accelerating which is really not something like driving economically. So better to keep your eyes on the road in front of you to a distance. As soon as you see that you will have to brake in 200 meters, it will be enough to release the accelerator pedal and the car will have lower speed by the time you would get there. It is the same with accelerating. Without confusing others present in the traffic at the same time you can drive more prominently.

During nighttime driving it can be challenging to keep your visual control on the road in front of you. So we invented the Night Rider™ for you. Read more about our on-coming headlight blocker here.

Think twice

You may disagree but there are cases when you can rather take a walk than getting into car. I don’t tell you to go to work by foot. But maybe you have two todos not so far from each other. In this case you could get there within one stop with the car. Parking in between will save you a lot as you do not have to look for parking spaces. Just going round and round would burn a lot of fuel. Also do not be afraid of parking a little bit further off. Orbiting around for a closer parking place might not just take more time than getting there by foot from some corners farther but will cost you fuel as well. In circumstances like parking-place-haunting the avg. consumption of a vehicle is far more than normal so the difference can be more than you think.

If you would like to read more about how to drive economically you can check out a ton of useful tips in this article.