How to prepare for a long drive at night?

How to prepare for a long drive at night is a good question. This road show a really long trip road out in the countryside. Surely not the end of a long route which lasts for hours.How to prepare for a long drive at night?

To drive a many hours trip is always challenging. In case you make a long drive trip every week you are better prepared for that but most of us do not make these kind of trips so often. We have collected in this article all our tips to how to prepare for a long drive at night. Hopefully these will help you have a safer and better experience. Even you are not going to have a very long trip, these tips can help you enjoy your time in behind the steering wheels when you have to go to the country side a bit.

Audio entertainment

This is something you would never forget. Get ready with proper musics. You know which are the ones those turn you on and you get singing. The best music for the long drives are the ones of which you know the lyrics and the melodies. This will help your brain keep fresh as you sing and chant. We do not recommend slow beat music as those can make you sleep.

Not just the music can be the proper kind of audio to listen to when driving on long routes. The audiobooks or interesting postcasts can keep you awaken as well. If you like the scientology for example, search for the right podcasts in advance, also you can download them to your device in advance to be able to listen when you want.

Foods and snacks

Nobody can live without the right amount of food. Prepare the right food for yourself to be able to have the needed snacks all the way to your destination. There are kind of snacks those help you better. You know better what you like, prepare the good ones for yourself. We do not recommend to take risky foods with you as there is no worse than stopping for a diarrhea for 3 hours at a highway toilet.

Do not forget your Night Rider™ at homenight rider night drive glasses

Nighttime driving can be really very dangerous. This is the reason why we invented and produce the Night Riders™. The on-coming headlights can cause you some seconds-long blindness. But the our product helps you keep your visual control on the road in front of you by darkening only the on-coming lane part of your vision.

The most important during a long night drive is to be sure that you see the danger in front of you when it appears. The Night Rider™ is designed to prevent your eyes from any dangerous headlight beam blinding.

You can read more about our product on our About page. Also we have an article about the night driving glasses where we pointed out why the yellow tinted glasses are not good.

Drinks & Beverages

Energy drinks or water? It is up to you which you prefer. The only thing is to be sure that you stay hydrated even under a 10 hour trip as the dehydration can cause inattention and fatigue. Do not entrust to have the right shop on the way to buy your needed drinks when you will need them. Prepare some for yourself so that you can have them with you. You can take alcohol with you as well but please be sure that you do not drink it, also others who might drive later on. Alcohol will make you tired after a short period of time.

Sharing good stories

If you have others going with you along the trip the best you can do is to think in advance to have some good stories which are interesting enough to share with your roadmates. The more exciting, craziest stories are the best here. Do not be shy when you have to keep others and yourself awaken – dig deep for the best story of an idiot romance with a crazy boy or girl who caused the best or worst sexual experience for you in your life.

Play road games

What is the funniest game you can play in a car? Forget about Monopoly, better you keep your visual control on the road. So think about the ones those are playable in words. We love Barkochba the best. This game is about to figure out what one of the passengers thinks about. We have to figure out a word that he fixed in his mind before. But there are several road trip games. You can read this article from Skyscanner to enjoy your travelling time better.


One of the most important to prepare for the long drives at night is to have the highest comfort you can get. Be sure you have your travelling back pillows with you if needed. Wear the most comfortable dress you can. This will help you feeling relaxed without need for extra stops.

Change driver

In case you are not alone, better you change for some times. In case you share the driving attention, you will be more relieved when you get to the wheel again. But please be sure that the one you are handing the wheel over is not drunk and has driving license.

Car maintenance

Is the vehicle ready for such a trip? Have a look on the tyres, check the oil replacement period, the brakes and the lights. At night the lights must be surely working. Not just in the front but at the back as well. Any misperfection can cause serious problems during a long night drive trip so better all things are checked before.

Image showing night sky and road with lights on cars goig with high speed. Surely need to know how to prepare for a long drive at nightGPS & a map

In these years we all have GPS with us on our phone. But what if you loose the coverage? Google Maps will download the whole route in advance but still it can be a better option to download a map for offline availability. We think that it is a big problem that many people cannot read maps so even just for training yourself it can be a good idea to have a map with you as well. A road map shall be a must in most cases of a glove holder. So do you ask us how to prepare for a long drive at night? With proper information about the route. And the GPS is the best solution to that.

Relax before the trip

Should never start a long night drive trip without relaxation before. Best to have some hours of sleep before you get into the car. We highly not recommend you to start a trip with the all day stress, especially when you have been fired in the morning. Starting a long night drive trip with fatigue is very dangerous. Better to avoid it.

Plan the next stop

Even you are ready and you know how to prepare for a long drive at night we highly recommend to plan your stops in advance. This will make you stop in certain points. Believe us, it will be a joy to get out of the car after a 3 hours driving. The more you think about it in advance the better.