Night Driving Glasses In India

A night photo of a building, cars are going in front of it. Showing how night driving glasses can help in IndiaNight Driving Glasses In India

There are several parts of the world where there is bigger need for our product. India is one of them. India is well known for its very bad road accident statistics. But what makes it to have such a bad reputation? Can the night driving glasses make a change in India? The answer is not so straightforward. We have to look a bit deeper into how and why the night driving glasses are a big demand in India.

If you have planned investing to a Night Drive Glasses stay with us and read the article.

Fewer street lights

There are so many roads without proper street light that it makes the night driving horrible. The darker a road is the easier it is to suffer accident driving on it. Roads with lights help the driver acknowledge the danger in the front. The less vision on the road is the easier to get involved into an accident. (there are good projects going on these days as more and more streetlights are planned)

Also the lack of the streetlights will cause your eyes to set to darker circumstances. And as soon as an on-coming traffic passes you, your eyes will be blinded for seconds easier by the prior darkness.

Many country roads

The main part of the accidents happen at night driving and on the country roads. The country roads are usually in worse shape than on the western countries which make the accidents more likely to happen.

The night driving glasses are functioning the best on country roads. There are several road deaths which could have been avoided by night driving glasses in India. Leaving the town and getting on the bumpier country roads will need some more relaxation which the Night Rider™ can easily give the drivers.

night drive glasses in India could help on roads exactly like this, country road with a truck.How can the Night Driving Glasses help in India?

India has a significant night driving traffic. The more life could be saved the better. Our product, the Night Rider™ is a newly developed product, the only one for the on-coming headlights. India roads’ drivers suffer from the nighttime blindness just as much as others but the so many country roads make it worse.

Our night driving product blocks out the blinding headlights so the driver will not loose his/her visual control on the road for those seconds when an on-coming vehicle passes by. Shading out only the on-coming lane it does not effect the driver’s lane.

The Night Rider™ is not “glasses”, it has shaders. To shade out only the given part of the on-coming lane. These shaders are not symmetric, they are manufactured in right and left sided traffic versions. So we have our product ready to be shipped to our customers to India as well.