Night Driving Glasses in UK

Car interior during night driving but we see no glasses and was not shot in the UK as the steering wheel is on the left.Night Driving Glasses in UK

Every day if followed by the danger. If you combine it with driving that is called Danger. The night time accidents are more than common. Have you known that the probability of being involved to a road accident at night time is 5 times higher than during the daytime? One of the major sources of danger is our reduced visual perception. Eliminating this will greatly help safe night driving. In this article now we are trying to show you the best night driving glasses in the UK.

Anti-glare glasses

The anti-glared glasses are also called “polarised” glasses. The essence of their operation is to eliminate light reflections. In practice, this means that, for example, on a wet road, the reflection of the car’s headlights off the road is eliminated. If you have never used these glasses, you should definitely try them out. It is a very interesting feeling that the glares disappear when put on these glasses. You can read more about how they work here.

Unfortunately these goggles could help during nighttime driving only if their lenses were not darkened. I mean, not at all. Any lens other than 100% transparent will only darken what you see.

Yellow tinted night driving glasses

As stated above, when passing through any material that is completely translucent, the transmitted light loses its power. But as these glasses have their lenses tinted with yellow the light will be lowering its strength when passing through.

Then why do they love them? The yellow lens serves as a colour filter. By filtering the yellow colour, the wearer may have the feeling that he or she sees everything sharper. But in reality, at night, it only worsens the driver’s visual control which can be dangerous. And it is obvious that the night driving glasses in the UK should never be dangerous, right?

Night driver glasses in the UK are very important. You can see a Night Rider on the photo with a blue background.On-Coming Headlight Blockers

What would you want the least at night? To be blinded, right? One of the main dangers at night is when an on-coming headlight is coming towards you and blinding you more and more every second by second.

The On-Coming Headlight Blocker glasses were made on a very easy idea – to block out only the on-coming lane part of your vision. They have 2 shaders (not lenses as they just small pieces of shaders) which block out the annoying headlight beams. By this you can keep your visual control on the road in front of you.

Night Driving Glasses suitable for UK roads

The Night Rider™has to be set up before use. The shaders are developed to match the angles of the traffic lanes from the point of view of your eyes. It means that the Left and Right handed traffic need different shaders.

We ship all Night Riders™ with the proper shaders installed. Before adding to cart you have to choose the option selector to let us know which version shall be posted to you.

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