What causes traffic jams?

traffic jam caused by heavy traffic under sunset sky on a highway. if you look at this image you surely ask yourself what causes traffic jamsWhat causes traffic jams?

It is really a headache to head home and sit in a huge crowd. Even if you can listen good music on the radio, staying in one place with a vehicle that can go 200 km/h is ridiculous. We all know the situation which may happen to any of us but do you know what is the physics of the traffic jams? There are some obvious reasons but anyway, do you know what causes the traffic jams?

Heavy traffic

Firstly, of course the heavy traffic is the reason for the traffic jam. To have crowded roads we need a lot of cars so we will never have a traffic jam if there is no traffic. The actual traffic compared to the permeability of the ratio which gives you if it will cause a traffic jam or not. But even for the high traffic we found a good article about the cure of heavy traffic on the highways which is really good to read here.


Would there be an accident on the highway, it would be surely cause a highway traffic jam. The problem is that many times the people like to watch the accidents so they will not accelerate properly even when they have a free road in front of them. The fact that the cars pass an accident only very slowly will make a huge traffic jam behind them. Imagine a motorway where the vehicles pass by at 130 km/h and because of an accident they slow down to 30 km/h. It will cause a huge jam of course. But it happens many times that we drive on the motorway and even after the traffic jam, all cars accelerate and there is no accident at the end of the jam. So what happened? I call it the “invisible accident”

invisible traffic jam in an Asian city probably. What caused traffic jams here?Invisible accident

It happens many times that we see no reason for the blocked up cars. It is really disgusting when after a 2 hours of waiting when the traffic speeds up you see no sign of any accident happened on it. But why? It is many times because the traffic where you stood needed 30-50 minutes to be released after any sign of the accident was removed. I mean the signs of the accident which really caused the traffic jam. When you are in a situation like this you might think that you met an “invisible” traffic jam.

When you are in a situation like this it is very important that you see the braking cars in front of you even in night traffic. For this reason we invented the Night Rider& which do not let you blind by the on-coming headlights so you will keep your total visual control on the road in front of you. Read more about the product here.