What to do against headlight blindness?

a woman driving a toyota and being suffering from headlight blindness because of the on-coming headlight beamsWhat is headlight blindness?

Driving can be fun. We almost all enjoy it. But there are some cases when it can be frustrating and tiring. When it gets darker and the drivers turn on the headlights, there comes a huge enemy. The headlight blindness. It is not just dangerous but really exhausting as well.

How do our eyes work in darkness?

To understand the problem we have to see how our eyes work. Our eyes are amazing tools. The millions of years forged them almost perfectly. But just like the pirates needed their blindfolds to keep one of their eyes used to darkness, we also need some time to get our eyes set from bright conditions. The main reason why we get blinded be harsh light sources in darkness is that our eyes are already calibrated to the lack of light. During daytime we do not see the headlight beams blinding. This is a special only-night problem.

What causes the headlight blindness?

Headlight blindness is present usually on country roads. The darker the ambient light condition is (due to lack of street lights) the bigger the difference is between the dark and the on-coming harsh headlight beams. When the strong beams come closer, your eyes set to the brighter conditions. By this the ambient will be too dark for your eyes when the on-coming vehicle passes by. They need 3-5 seconds at least to get used to the darker circumstances after a bright light source blinded you.

Dangerous seconds

These seconds are the ones when you do not have any visual control on the road in front of you. Just like you would drive eyes closed. A car going at 90 km/h on a country road leaves 25 meters behind each second. A 5 second “blindness” means you passed 125 meters without full visual control in front of you. It is really much and very dangerous. So there should be a solution to that right? Well, there is.

The solution is: Night Rider™ glasses

We invented the Night Rider™ to have the first solution to the on-coming headlight blindness. It works on an easy principle: Its shaders darken only a certain part of your vision. The on-coming lane part actually. When your Night Rider™ is delivered, you have to set it up to your eyes before using. This will guarantee that only the on-coming part will be darkened and only when you want. The shaders are positioned a bit above your vision so you “activate” them with a small head tilt.

We really monitor the market to see if anyone else invented some other way to help the drivers not to get blinded during night. As we found there is no other tool or technique to avoid the headlight blindness so we can say that the Night Rider™ is the only solution yet.