When to fill up fuel?

When to fill up fuel?

The vehicles have consumption of fuel unfortunately. This means that there will be a point when we have to make a stop and fuel up our car. There are theories out there about the best time to fuel up. What do you think of them? Let’s have a look on when to fill up fuel to our vehicle and why.

A petrol station with some signs so that you can see when to fill up fuelWeight

A normal car can store upto 60 litres of fuel in thrir tank usually. Smaller cars can less and bigger ones can more. Depending on the fuel type but the weight of 1 litre of fuel is around 0.9 kg. It means that a 60 litre fill-up will gain 54 kilos. It is the same as you would have 2 kids or a woman more sitting in the car with you. Going up-hill a lot it counts. The less you fill the less kilos your car will gain. So maybe you want to fill less sometimes.

The consumption of your car will increase. But it does not effect only the consumption due to the acceleration. The brakes will also be used more when you want to stop the car. So we recommend you to wait and enjoy the almost empty fuel tank in case you are sure about when you will have the next petrol station.

Time wasting

We at the Night Rider for example, really hate to fuel. Not because we would get dirty or its smell. But cause of the time wasting it is in our everyday life. Stopping for a 10 minutes brake can be horrible in some cases. So that when fueling we fill the tank up as much as possible.

Exact amount

It is again a bit about the time but we love to fill-up the car with an exact amount of money when not up to full. If you have exact amount with you that saves you time and at some petrol stations you can pay directly to the colleague who works around the station. This speeds up the process just be szre that you do not fill more than the money you exactly have in your pocket.

Plan in advancedo you know when to fill up fuel? When there is a long route ahead better you are fuelled up.

Forget about all reasons above in case there is no petrol station in a longer distance. You have to plan to surely be able to drive to the next petrol station. So it is a bit up to you when to fill up fuel into your own vehicle. Be sure that you make the right decision and you will have enough fuel to get to the next petrol station in any case. If you are not sure, you can search the nearest petrol station on Google Maps.