Why do the headlight beams blind me?

Anybody ever driven at night must has experienced how the oncoming headlights blind a driver’s vision. Okay but what causes this? In this article we are giving you the answer or at least a small understanding to this phenomena. Because nighttime blindness is really a very dangerous status during a nighttime drive.

Difference in brightness

You can see that when you drive at night, the ambient light is very weak but the headlights of the cars are really very strong. This difference will play a trick with your eyes. To get from a dark place looking into something so much bright will make your eyes go mad and cannot see a thing. Why?

Our eyes

The human eye is amazingly perfect. Really it is. But not perfect enough to handle the rapid light condition changes. If you drive at night and out of a sudden a bright oncoming headlight blinds you, your eyes will definitely need some seconds to adapt to the 100x change in brightness. It will cause you loose your vision in a second and not being able to see anything that is in front until your eyes recover from this shredded state. The main reason why a headlight will blind your eyes is that the light power difference between the ambient light and the oncoming headlights is so high that your eyes just give up the fight and go blind.

Face without eyes to demonstrate how you get blind when a headlight beam comes in front at nightThe pirates’ eyepatch

Did you know why the pirates had those eyepatches on their face? The reason is really fantastic and obvious as well. As they were sailing on the open ocean they usually had bright sunny weather around them. But as there was no light in the cabin or the bilge so when they went down they could not see nothing with their eyes which was used to the exposing sun. So that they had their eyepatches on one of their eyes which kept it out of the reach of the bright light. As soon as they went down into the deck, they just took the eyepatch away and they could immediately see with this eye without waiting 30-60 seconds to get used to the really poor light conditions.

The “driving eyepatch”

This is something like the Night Rider™ does as well. As soon as a bright, blinding headlight is coming into your vision, you just have to tilt your head a bit so that the Night Rider™ is darkening the oncoming light and so making an eyepatch for you.

This working method was the main principle when the Night Rider™ was invented. Dont let your eyes getting used to the high headlight beam but let it see in the dark as you drive because your vehicle passes too many meters as it you are driving it without any visual control on the road in front of you.

Any other solution?our product, the night rider glasses

As far as we know the Night Rider™ is the first and only solution so far, blocking the oncoming headlight beams. It is not something like the yellow tinted glasses which just simply give you higher contrast (they say) but it is an absolutely different, era-making device.

We have a 100% money back guarantee and we are so proud to have more and more buyers all around the globe on a daily basis. Why don’t you get away from the headlight blindness? Why don’t you drive with the Night Riders™?