Why driving makes you tired?

man sleeping on the steering wheel of a car. You cask why driving makes you tired. And you will get the answer by this photo.Why driving makes you tired?

All drivers have already experienced severe fatigue due to long drive. Your eyes start to close, every blink takes longer and longer. You are yawning more and more, longer and longer. This is the driving fatigue. It can be not just challenging but also very very dangerous. If somebody is gets tired at the steering wheel, it can ruin families. So we have to be awaken and have to be prepared for this fatigue to be able to avoid it. But what is the reason behind? Why driving makes you tired? Let’s have a look at the reasons to be able to avoid it.

Human hours

We did not have electricity in our homes all times. Hundreds of years ago we used to sleep in the evening hours. The industrial revolution changed lots of things. But was too quick to change our habits. Our body wants to sleep when the darkness comes. Day and night changes and our body will feel like tired every time the darkness comes.

Sleeping period

As we are all humans, we need to rest. Our body is set to have the sleeping period at night. You can avoid being tired at night driving only by not driving at night. Okay, we know it but what else makes us to be so tired when driving longer distances and why driving makes you tired at all?

Lack of interest

Driving in the city, there are so many things happening around us that we cannot feel any fatigue. But out there on the country road it is not the same. Things do not change so rapidly. We go alone usually without any traffic around us. There is just simply nothing to distract us which means the fatigue will reach us soon. There is nothing more dangerous than boring roads. Highway? Well, they can be really sooo boring but you can drive faster at least. And speed keeps us awaken.

a very boring road - so you can ask why driving makes you tired?Speed keeps you awaken

We DO NOT tell you to go any faster than allowed! It is just a fact that you can feel the driving boring in case the stimulations start to decrease. And the slower a vehicle goes the less interaction gets to the driver. Highway can be safer in this term. Going faster can mean that the landscape goes quicker around you. Also the sound of the driving wind and the engine can keep your brain awaken by stimulating your senses. These seem to be tiny things but they are something that can be the difference between death or life.

Is it the headlight blindness why driving makes you tired?

Many people tend to say that the on-coming headlights are more than disturbing. Driving by night these can distract any driver and there lies a huge danger beneath them. The fatigue of the night driving.

The on-coming headlight blindness is more than distracting. It is one of the more dangerous things you can ever experience when driving at night. But is there anything you can do against it?

Yes there is. We have invented and developed the first on-coming headlight blocker for you. It shades out the on-coming headlights at night so that you will never suffer of any headlight blindness anymore. It is called Night Rider™. To read more, have a look on our main page here.