Why driving routine is dangerous?

A driver is bored on teh road. It is a perfect example why driving routine is dangerousDriving routine is dangerous on the roads

When I finished my exam I told myself “Oh I want to have routine as soon as possible to drive safer”. But driving routine is dangerous at some point. Routine means that you do not have to take care of every movement and every signs of the road because you just “feel them”. I know it might sound idiot but haven’t you ever felt the speed limit as you get to an urban area without having any sign? Driving gets in your veins and you do not have to focus on the basic situations and tasks. But there are some things which make it dangerous driving by routine.

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Lack of interest

As long as you have a daily routine when driving your car, it will mean that you will not find it challenging. We do not say that it should be challenging. Just simply as long as your attention is drawn onto the road and the traffic or the feedbacks coming from the car, you will not loose your interest. This is something why driving routine is dangerous because the lack of interest will lead to something more dangerous. And what is it?

Secondary activities

Yes, the secondary activities. In our rushy world our brain is used to eat information. Almost constantly. Our brain is used to get some interaction in every second almost. Those days are gone already when we enjoyed spending our time on a bench just closing our eyes and sensing the world around us. We have arrived to a state (well not all of us but so many) when the input for our brain is essential. In every second, literally.

Driving routine is dangerous because you will start doing other things while driving. Mobile phone usage is just one of them. So many people sends text messages during a motorway drive. But also thinking about your relationship and staring out of the windows sideways is also something that should be avoided. Driving safer means all your senses are set up for the action.

car interior with the driver, driving home probably after sunset by routine.If something changes

This is the dangerous part of driving routines. There are things which can change. And if you drive by routine that means your attention is maybe not set up high for a situation where something changes. I mean when somebody makes a mistake.

A lamp is green for you for example but a car comes from the crossing road without stopping. If you do not take care of the crossing traffic you might get into an accident. Of course we have to drive with trust in others but there are things could be avoided by driving carefully and leaving our routines.

Maybe you can park into the same place in the underground parking. You do it everyday. But what if it is occupied by your boss by the morning you arrive and you should park your car to a different place where there is a column on the other side, closer, etc. ? You can throw your routine away in this situation.

Summary of why driving routine is dangerous

Driving routine is a very good thing but also can be dangerous in some situations. Enjoy driving without taking care of the pedals and the gears, they come automatically. That is a great feeling. But always keep your control on the vehicle and the road in front of you because if something changes then your routine can leave you off the ground.