Why is a tachometer important?

This image shows a tachometer at night with lights on so you see why it is importantWhy is a tachometer important?

It is not just a must by the rules that all vehicles must have a tachometer but it is really one of the main parts of it to make the driving safer, better, enjoyable and the main part of the car where the most information is shared with the driver about the engine of the vehicle. But do you know exactly why why is a tachometer important and is placed in your vehicle, why it is a must to equip all vehicle which is for public transport with it? Well, there is no better answer to this question than the Wikipedia but we will do our best to help you why.

What does tachometer show at all?

The main part of the engine is the crankshaft. It spins quite quickly round and round 360 degrees. The tachometer is designed to show the spins of the crankshaft by minute. The actual measure you can read from the tachometer shows the actual speed of it, in case you would maintain it. So when it shows 6000 rpm that means that the crankshaft makes 6000 rotations per minute. Cars with average engines goes up to 5000 RPM, sprtcars around 8000 RPM but sportbikes can reach up to 17.000 RPM as well. The smaller and more lightweight the moving parts are the higher RPM is achievable.

Helps shift eco-friendly

To be able to change the gears in the proper moment it is a must to know the actual RPM of the engine. Too low RPM means that the engine does not have enough power to keep accelerating the car. Too high RPM means that the engine might have more power than we need but still burns too many petrol. So that it is important to keep the RPM within the needed level of acceleration or power which we need.

Tachometer of a car to help eco friendly drivingA helping hand to manual transmission drivers

If you love to use manual gearbox you surely love to read the data off the tachometer to know where the engine is before loosing its power. All advanced manual shifters know why a tachometer is important – they can get the most power out of the engine when it is really needed. Without tachometer you should rely on your ears when shifting gears. Tachometer gives you exact values about the actual RPM so there is no way to miss.

Gentle treatment for your car

If there was no tachometer lot of drivers would change gears too early or too late. This would occur more vibration inside the engine. And vibration is not a friend of the engine’s lifespan in any way. Also if you change gear too late that would mean that the engine has too high RPM which means that the crankshaft makes too many spins per minute and it can cause more usage of the parts inside the engine. It is better to keep the engine in a good shape so that you will be able to use the same car without defects in a long run. Tachometer is very important to be sure you can take care of the engine of your vehicle when driving.

Make your best to be able to read the tachometer even at night. Tachometers are equipped with back lighting of course but if you are blinded by an on-coming headlight than you are not able to read out the date properly. Our product, the Night Rider™ is a solution to this. It blocks only the on-coming part of your vision so that you can keep your visual control on the road and the tachometer as well. Check out our invention here to know more.