Why is it difficult to drive at night?

A man standing next to his car reading something on his phone. Probably he stopped as it s foggy and had just looked up on google to see why it is more difficult to drive at night.Why is it difficult to drive at night?

If you have already driven any kind of vehicle you must have realised how everything changes during the day. There are several periods when you can clearly feel a change around you, during driving. Many people say that the driving during the darker hours is more difficult. But why? We try to give you an answer to that question. So why is it difficult to drive at night?

Light conditions

We all have eyes but only some of us know how perfect tools they are. The human eye is really something very close to be unbeatable. Accommodate to the changes of light very quickly and its resolution is very very high. But when it gets dark outside, our eyes will lack some light so the image they capture will be affected very much. It is difficult to drive at night because our eyes do not have the proper information to send signs to our brain about the danger coming in front.

Light conditions are one of the main problems at night. They are the most important of what makes it difficult to drive at night.

Fatigue – difficult to drive at night with

During hundreds of thousands of years the humans were unable to live their life at night. Why? 1 – Because there was no light so they did not see properly, 2 – Because they were easier preys to the nighttime predators.

So our body used to have its resting time to be set to the nighttime. What does it mean? Even if you woke up early to get somewhere or you are just still not at home as you are still driving somewhere – the dark hours are harder for your body. You are more tired than usually and your brain will not catch up as well as normally would do.

Weather changes

Have you ever thought about how rapidly can the weather change as soon as the sun sets? The temperature drops rapidly and so the humidity raises. (you can read about it here if you are interested in this phenomena)

As soon as the temperature and the humidity has huge changes, the grip on the asphalt can change quickly and you might experience some difficulties to drive at night in a short period of time.

A city from a bridge with long exposure so the headlights and brake lights have traces on the photo.On-coming headlight blindness

It is very well known by all nighttime drivers. When you are driving on the country side, out of the town area, you have surely experienced the headlight blindness.

As the cars pass you, even if the high beams are not activated, you will be blinded for some seconds. Why is it so dangerous? Because you can lose the visual control of the road in front of you and it will make you have accident easier.

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