Why is speeding so dangerous?

Showing a car interior, the vehicle is going fast. Probably showing why is speeding so dangerousWhy is speeding so dangerous?

Statistics never lie. You must already know that speeding is a killer. But why? Do you know how many speedings kill? Did you know that speeding is the deadliest accident cause in most of the cases? When a driver decides to accelerate more and gets his/her vehicle to overspeed that can be really dangerous to the others and for him/herself. But why is speeding so dangerous?

There are some reasons for it. We try to go through them and help you to avoid it as well in this article.

Reaction time

Reaction time is the time which passes by between the moment something happened in front of you causing danger and the reaction from you. You would never believe but even if you are fresh, this can take almost a second to have any kind of reaction to something that happened on the road. It is one of the most dangerous reasons why the speeding is so dangerous. A vehicle at 90 km/h takes 25 meters on the road. So 25 meters have passed without any reaction from your side to the danger. A car with 160 km/h takes 44.4 metres by each second. Imagine when a car passes 45 metres without any reaction from the driver.

Braking distance

We have an individual article about the braking distance which you can read here. The braking distance is the distance which a car takes from the moment the driver pushes the brake pedal until the point it stops. Braking distance of a car at 70 km/h is around 30 metres. A car at 110 km/h has its braking distance as long as 71 metres. (you can calculate any speed to metres/second here)

This is a lot of difference. And the difference between 70 km/h and 110 km/h is not so much. Something like just passing a car with some stronger acceleration.

Momentum (AKA “the mass in motion”)

When a car is accelerated to a 110 km/h from 70 km/h it means that all parts of it has more momentum. Have you ever dropped a melon from 1 metres high and then another one from 5 metres high? The two melons will have different momentum. And you will see what it means. The greater momentum means bigger collision. More braking not just in parts but also in the human body.

The lower the speed of any moving object is the less the braking damage will be taken in any parts of it.

A Ferrari backlamp. Maybe it is speeding so it is very dangerous.Why is speeding so common?

Even if it is very dangerous, the speeding is really common. Why? The main reasons are:

  • being late of a meeting
  • taking drugs
  • drinking alcohol
  • just simply being pushed over the limits

How to avoid the dangerous speeding?

The best is to be relaxed when you get into your car. Do never take drugs, neither drink alcohol. If you always have time to get to the place you want to, it is more likely that you get there.

I have a good tip as well which I also used to do: I always set the clock in my car a bit late. So when it is 14:15, my car shows 14:12 for example. So I do not feel to be in rush so much. Well, I know, you might say that if you know that the clock is not accurate than you will be able to calculate with it but believe me: Just do it quickly today, without thinking of it too much. And when driving you will not remember the setup delay.

Also I really recommend you not to have anything like rushing. I live on the Canary Islands and I know that 5 minutes or even 15 will not change the world. You cannot be so much late than rather having an accident.